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Over the weekend, Matt + I drove around our neighborhood to take pictures of houses we like for our architect. We got in a heated debate over whether your sun visor should be up out of respect for the driver, or down to shield the eyes of the passenger. And we think we can build a home together?

We each have our own feelings about what makes a home.

Matt loves a well lit porch. He imagines the glow above to be welcoming at night when you arrive home from work and shut off your headlights. (Assuming, of course, your sun visor is up so you can see it from the street.)

I like how understated this beautiful home is, and how the yard flows up to it. And the richness of the wood used for the porch railing.

Matt likes brick, especially the lighter color. But to me this brick feels impenetrable, like a fortress. (Or how a sun visor should be, as it’s designed to protect delicate eyes from bright light.)

This is the house I dream of: the wrap around porch to catch the summer breeze, the variety of details, like the varying shape of the windows. It seems simple compared to most Victorians, yet elegant. The sort of place where you’re so happy you don’t care if the sun visor is up or down.

What kind of house do you like?

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08. June 2010 by Jennifer Jeanne Patterson
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  1. …for me it is not so much the house…it’s the people who live in it that makes the house a home…

  2. I love the last one as I am a huge fan of a wrap around porch! It’s inviting and evokes visions of sipping tea (even though I don’t drink tea) on a warm summer evening!

  3. That last house is amazing! It would be my dream home too!

  4. That’s funny – I can tell exactly where two of those houses are!!

    I LOVE having a porch. Wrap around or not, to be able to sit out at night and look up at the stars (preferably from a bench swing) cannot be beat.

  5. I’m with you on having the wraparound porch, since it reminds me of places in Ithaca. Preferably, the porch and the house tie into the sidewalk. Conversely, houses where the garage is one of the first things I can see from the street are immediate turnoffs.

  6. Not here to comment on the houses, but the visor issue! We have the same argument when DH is driving. Is this one of the 52 Fights?

  7. I like the last one two, classic with a few modern twists.

  8. I think you hit the nail on the head with your final statement!!
    “The sort of place where you’re so happy you don’t care if the sun visor is up or down.”
    When there is happiness, the rest is mere detail… when there is strife, it is ALL detail.
    You guys are going to have the most beautiful house ever created!!

  9. love love love the last house. LOVE it!
    Did I tell you I love the last house?

    I dream of that sort of house – sitting on a couple of acres just outside of town…my dog(s) could roam the property hunting for who knows what – the kids would be carefree – having plenty of room to play ball or cruising the acres of openness on their 4-wheelers while I look up from my gardening with dirty hands…
    at night, my husband I would sit on the porch and talk about all that we have been blessed with…
    ah…………..the dream.

  10. Great post. Love the constant mention of the sun visor! ;)
    My husband LOVES wrap around porches.

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