How To Clean Out Your Closet

On Saturday night, Matt and I were invited to an end-of-summer soiree on Lake Calhoun. For a week prior, I was in a tizzy. Because nothing in my closet seemed to fit. Or be in style. That’s what happens when you’re pregnant on and off for six years straight.

I’ve been hesitant to buy new clothes as I’m in that in between stage: still losing weight, and still planning on having another baby. But how you feel on the outside impacts how you feel on the inside. And it’s hard to feel confident at a party when you’re sucking in your stomach. Fortunately my friends Jilene and Meg found me a silver dress at Arafina that held my gut in for me.

It got me thinking: why shouldn’t I update my wardrobe with a few pieces so I feel good now? Too often I shop haphazardly and end up with pieces that don’t work together. Or clothes that don’t fit right.

And so I’m excited to partner with wardrobe stylist Jilene Framke of Be Put Together to bring you this video series. She’ll teach us how to update our closets to find clothes that flatter.

First up: How to Clean Out Your Closet

What style questions should Jilene address in future videos?

Do you need your wardrobe styled? Contact Jilene at Be Put Together by calling 952-992-0411 or

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27. September 2010 by Jennifer Jeanne Patterson
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Comments (25)

  1. wow another thats cool your super woman i struggle with one!

  2. Love this cool series. Buy some new clothes – you deserve it!

  3. You look gorgeous!
    This is a reminder that I need to sort my closet as well :D
    Thanks for sharing the video too, so helpful.

  4. I’ve been in the still losing weight stage forever.

  5. That looks like fun!! My closed could use a “heave ho!” too! (and five year behind….that’s nothin’) I’m pretty sure I’m 16 years behind….I think the number potential grows with the age of your oldest kid….that’s just my theory anyway!!
    Great video! ~Chris Ann

  6. awesome tips. i’m never up to speed on wha tis “in” and what isn’t. but great tips. i need to do this more often. i just weeded out a TON of clothes when we moved.

  7. Love this, thanks! I am totally going to create a “happy rack” and weed out my clothes. :)

  8. That’s exactly how I feel! Though, only preggers off and on for the last 4 years and trying to decide if we’re going to have another. I did a post last month about finally having to buy a new outfit for a business meeting. Stumbled you from Liz’s BlogFrog!

  9. I guess I’m lucky that I didn’t get the gene for keeping clothes I don’t like around. When I don’t like them or they don’t fit, I just donate them. It means I don’t have a lot of clothes to choose from in the closet, but everything that’s in there is something I like, that I think looks good on me.

  10. Oh my goodness I know exactly what you mean! The two newest dresses I own that are not maternity are two and four years old!

  11. I need to clean up my racks…lol

  12. Cleaning out my closet is on my list for the month of October – thanks for the inspiration!

  13. I really, really need to clean out all of our closets! I generally do it during season transitions!!

  14. Love this series! And your top in the vlog, by the way. Super cute, and a flattering color for you!

  15. This was a great vlog, I was disappointed I didn’t get to see you in some of the outfits. I hope there is a sequel : )

  16. Great vlog! I’m with Dana though. We want to see you play dress up! How about a hands-on demonstration about mixing and matching different pieces within your wardrobe to create different looks. For instance…casual, night-on-the-town, etc.

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

  17. I have a wardrobe box that I keep on the floor in my closet. If something doesn’t fit or I haven’t worn it in a year I put it in the box. When the box is full I call the local charity that accepts used clothing. It keeps my closet real and also keeps it clear of clutter.

  18. Excellent tips & I love the vlog :) I definitely need to update things, I’ve been slowly working on it. Slowly but surely (as I write in my yoga pants, ACK)

    Found you via Mom Loop:)

  19. Sigh. I wish I could say that this would work for me, but I feel hopeless where this is concerned. I am in the in between stage too, and my weight seems to fluctuate so much. Just last week I bought a cheap pair of jeans at Old Navy on clearance, and got a size larger than I thought I was because the size that I thought I was was too tight. But then the next day (and since) I wore the ones I bought and they were practically falling off of me! And don’t even get me started on tops. Frustration.

  20. Stopping from Mom Loop! What a great series! I try to add pieces that I can wear for years. I don’t spend a lot. I look forward to hearing what she has to say.

  21. I love the idea of this series. I know I could use help with this. I will be following this thru.

  22. we don’t get to see the “after” — no fair!!!! Great vlog.

  23. It really doesn’t look like you need to hold your stomach in! You look good.

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  25. Good luck with the closet reorganization! I love Lake Calhoun! :)

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