What do windows say about a house?

My husband loves clean lines. On counters. On tables. On night stands.

Whereas I could step over a dead body without noticing it, unless he pointed it out. (I know, I am such the guy in this relationship.)

So I was surprised when he mentioned he didn’t care for our muntined windows, because not only hadn’t their wood bars registered with me, but I thought he was talking about mutton, as in lamb.

Muntins create a grid system used to divide small panes of glass, called “lights” or “lites”, into a single window sash or casement. – Wikepedia

When it comes to windows, we like the contemporary look of all glass because it brings the outdoors in and bathes a home in natural light.

For Tudors, though, muntin patterns are a charming, character-defining feature, and windows can set the tone for a house.

How do you think our home will look from the street if we break from tradition?

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09. November 2010 by Jennifer Jeanne Patterson
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  1. maybe you could do a mix, have a transom (Transom (architectural), a bar of wood or stone across the top of a door or window, also a fixed window over a door or another window. Wikepedia) with muntins above your clear window so as not to obstruct your view…….

  2. I need to google transom now.

  3. I think breaking from tradition is a great thing. I am always looking for something a bit different. Windows without any kind of a pattern would look great and give your home a more modern look. I’m a major fan of anything modern and contemporary so I may be a bit biased! lol

  4. Jennifer,

    I have been reading for quite a while but this is my first comment. We’re about to build our “not so big house”, too, so I’ve been following your process carefully. We are building a “modern Craftsman”, so we are questioning the window issue as well. I think it depends how true to the Tudor style you intend to be. Is your home going to be Tudor-influenced or a more accurate reproduction? What are your plans for the interior (more contemporary or traditional)? One option we are considering is muntins for the front and approach elevation but none on the back, which is where most of our windows and view are. Maybe something to consider?

    And can you tell me where you found the picture of the Craftsman house that is just above the Tudor in this post? I’m loving the color scheme and would love to see more.

    Good luck with the design phase! We’ve been at it for over a year but I hope we’ll be breaking ground in early 2011.


  5. Love walking along your house planning with you. We are designing our house with an architect right now as well. To understand why window panes are psychologically necessary to best enjoy your house, read Christopher Alexander’s “A Pattern Language”, pp. 1109-1111 (these pages are available on google books).

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  7. I am kind of with your husband, I think the modern touch will still look great. I love the drawing, I can’t wait to see it come together. I am dying to build from scratch so I can get my fireplace in my bedroom, but my husband isn’t on board!

    Oh yeah, I love MN, I almost moved there after working in Fridley for awhile! Instead I landed in Chicago, but it was close for awhile!

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