Regain Your Confidence

When I decided to start writing again to renew my career, I wasn’t sure where to start. Sure, I blogged. But how would I make the leap from pressing publish on my personal posts, to getting paid by an editor?

In my first article for, “Renew Your Spirit,” I wrote about how one catalyst started each woman’s reinvention. When you’re at home, sometimes it feels the professional world moves ahead of you; you’re two steps behind it. And you need to figure out how to catch up.

What I had lost while at home wasn’t so much my ability but my confidence. So, like Zoe Francois, I took a class. It was through, and having my articles critiqued by a professional writer gave me the confidence to pitch editors again. And not take failure personally.

Have you lost your confidence?

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22. August 2011 by Jennifer Jeanne Patterson
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Comments (4)

  1. Did I lose confidence? I am not sure my grasp on it was ever real in the first place.

  2. I am realy interested in pursuing writing as a career. I have been enjoying your blog.

    What do you suggest for a novice. What classes would you recommend?

  3. Oh, shoot.
    I meant to type really.
    That’s not such a great start to convince someone that I can write.
    Sorry about that!

  4. Love the article. I know what you mean about the outside world (being a stay at home) and wondering if you are keeping up with it; are my skills up to par, how do they communicate in the real world :0) Will I be taken seriously if my office /shop isn’t in a high end fashion district? The questions go on and on….oh the answer is Yes, if you have confidence in yourself and like you said, don’t take rejection personally (but it’s hard not to). Thanks for sharing.

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