Leftover Turkey Recipes

Our boys found a wooly bear caterpillar rolled up in our alcove today. The caterpillar, I think, was preparing to hibernate, but our boys had other plans. They built a cage for it using my water pitcher, fetching sticks and grass from our backyard. Our almost 3-year-old daughter, ever helpful, flung handfuls of dirt in, and they cried out. But I was glad to see them play outdoors for so long, their heads bent together. When I was growing up, I roamed free, splashed in our neighborhood creek, and fell in love with nature. I don’t know how our children will learn to appreciate the solitude nature brings when they have so few opportunities to explore it today without an adult by their side. But maybe that will change as they grow older.


There are certain foods that are pretty forgiving, meaning you can hide what’s left over in your fridge in them, and neither your children nor your husband will notice. Namely enchiladas, tacos, soups, meatloaf and lasagna, which is what I made using our leftover turkey tonight. I substituted the Parmesan cheese (which we rarely have) with cheddar. And I like that this lasagna uses sour cream, which we usually stock in our fridge, rather than ricotta. I never think to buy that.

How do you use up leftover food?

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