Best Dishwashers

Decisions made: Energy Star model, cabinetry to blend in and muffle noise, no dual drawers

Undecided: Brand

I’m dreaming of a dishwasher that doesn’t require me to hand wash our dishes first. And one I can hear the TV over when it’s churning. Like a Bosch, which we had in our first house.

Photo courtesy of Bosch

Pros: Energy Star model, quiet, efficient, half load option, a sanitize option if you’re still on your first child

Cons: Pricey. But considering how much can go wrong with a dishwasher, maybe this is the place to splurge?

But, if you buy Thermador’s range and double oven, you get their Sapphire Dishwasher for free. Or for $200 you can upgrade to their Stars Saphire for the silverware drawer.

Photo courtesy of Thermador

Pros: It’s free! If we buy the Thermador range and oven.

Cons: Can’t think of any.

Miele would be perfect if we go with a modernist kitchen.

Photo courtesy of Miele

Pros: Customizable with a cutlery drawer. And wow. It’s Wi-Fi enabled to notify a Miele monitoring center of any difficulty.

Cons: Again, expensive. But this is for our forever house, right?

Asko comes with four racks, and settings like “plastic”.

Photo courtesy of Asko

Pros: Tested to last for 20 years, and open and close 300,000 times. But did our kids test it?

Cons: Probably the most expensive option, but its interior has the best design.

And finally the KitchenAid Architect Series.

Photo courtesy of KitchenAid

What dishwasher do you have? Is it your friend—or foe?

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10. May 2012 by Jennifer Jeanne Patterson
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  1. My dishwashers name is Kara :) I love them all! But if you could find a trick to getting teenagers to wash the dishes without pitching a fit I would be all over that…

  2. So how did the kitchen turn out?

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