How To Select a Refrigerator

Decisions Made: French door, 36 inches

Undecided: Brand, stainless steel or cabinetry

Last week we toured a showroom hunting for a refrigerator (we, as in me and our monkey of a son, who swung one handed from door to door). I can’t get excited about refrigerators. They perform just one function: food storage. So my selection criteria is simple: Long lasting (ever since I became a mother, nothing upsets me like having to re-do an item I’ve crossed off my to-do list, especially when it involves waiting for repair people), must not topple on said 5-year-old, and the price, well, how much are you willing to invest in a fridge?

I love the idea of a Sub Zero fridge (especially this one, coming in Summer 2012). Maybe because it’d blow our budget.

sub zero refrigerator photo
sub zero refrigerator photo

Photo courtesy of Sub-Zero/Wolf

Pros: You know it will last.

Cons: I’ve already blown my budget on the Wolf. Mentally (we haven’t bought it yet).

Then there’s the Thermador.

thermador refrigerator photo
thermador refrigerator photo

Photo courtesy of Thermador

Pros: Sits higher than other refrigerators, so produce is at eye level (and therefore I’ll remember to use it). And with their current promotion, if you buy a refrigerator, you get a hood for your range for free.

Cons: I like saying Sub Zero. What can I say? I’m shallow.

And KitchenAid.

kitchen aid refrigerator photo
kitchen aid refrigerator photo

Photo Courtesy of KitchenAid

That’s it for today’s “research.” Our kids are painting in our home somewhere, and probably not on paper.

Which do you like? Which do you have experience with?

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07. May 2012 by Jennifer Jeanne Patterson
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  1. I love saying Sub-Zero and Wolf. I dream of having both some day. But KitchenAid is also a staple in my kitchen.

    My vote is for the KitchenAid.

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