Oven Hunting

Decisions Made: 48-inch sealed burner (easy clean!) dual fuel range. Two ovens beneath the range (rather than in the wall) to save space.

Undecided: Brand and number of burners/griddle (is it as easy to clean as they say, just scrape and wipe with club soda?)

I’m in love with this Wolf Dual Fuel Range. I think it’s the red knobs.

wolf range photo
wolf range photo

Photo courtesy of Wolf

Pros: It’s beautiful, a statement piece. Simmer mode so low you can melt chocolate without fear of burning it.

Cons: It costs a fortune. But I’m willing to give up a bathroom for it.

The Thermador Professional Series comes with a warming drawer for nights Matt works late. But it doesn’t come with red knobs.

thermador photo
thermador photo

Photo courtesy of Thermador

Pros: Second oven can double as steamer. Buy their range/oven, get their dishwasher for free. Streamlined for a clean look.

Cons: Small oven.

For a real statement piece, we could go with Vikings’ Classic Series and pick fire engine red.

Viking range photo
Viking range photo

Photo courtesy of Viking

Do you have any experience with the brands above? Which would you recommend? Which would you not?

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03. May 2012 by Jennifer Jeanne Patterson
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  1. We bought a four burner Viking last August and it is the best, without a doubt, stove I have ever owned and/or cooked on. Wish I had a red one!

  2. Ha, willing to give up a bathroom for a Wolf. That’s my kind of woman! Whatever you choose, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it…can’t go wrong with pro-style 48 dual fuel.

  3. I have never had the space to get a 48 inch wide stove/oven, but I have had the opportunity to get a standard width (36 in??) double oven with a smaller oven on top, and the large standard sized oven on the bottom. It was as if they took that drawer below the oven that no one ever uses, and switched it with the oven, making the drawer into an oven. The pros: the small oven heated up super quick, thus saving energy, and was really convenient for everyday type stuff. Having both ovens made it perfect for holiday cooking: two ovens, two different temperatures, and room for everything at one time. The cons: It didn’t really have any cons :) I’m not sure if it came as a gas unit or just the electric one that we had. So maybe there’s that? :)

  4. Wolf is great. I like the red knobs more than the whole thing red. Tough decision. That thermador seems to have the most, but the design is not as lovely.

  5. That red one makes me weak in the knees!

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