What places remind you of your family?

This weekend, we drove up to Fargo, North Dakota for Matt’s family reunion. It’s here on the flat plain that Matt feels most at home, surrounded by the comforts of his childhood: a wood burning store, framed photographs of his family, solid oak bedroom furniture sets, and a breakfast nook.

After dinner and lots of hugging, we walked around his parents’ house, which they built in 1977, and took pictures. We’d like to include parts of our past when we build to reflect on our history. To make our home feel like our home.

Because homes are about places that feel inviting to you. As Sarah Susanka writes in The Not So Big House:

The idea that a house is composed of rooms for separate activities is fundamental to how it’s been defined. But a room is an artificial construct, an attempt to put boundaries around space. The idea of the room can be replaced with the notion of places for various activities.

Or, in our case, memories. Like this breakfast nook, where Matt talked to his parents as he ate breakfast each morning before he left for school. For him it’s a place where a family comes together before a busy day begins.

Or this wood burning stove that helped warm him during harsh winters while he gathered with his family. It’s a place where you connect before you retire for the night.

What places remind you of your family?

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02. August 2010 by Jennifer Jeanne Patterson
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  1. Family reunions always centered around food! From my grandpa’s north carolina pork bbq, to the smell of cut canteloupe that reminded me of my grandma as she cut it when we visited in the summer.

    Oh, and my grandma always used bacon fat to cook scrambled eggs – heaven and love on a plate!

  2. That’s so cool that they are in the same house! When you say they “built it” did they really “build it” or did they have it built? It looks very homey!

  3. We have a room in ouur home that has built in bookcases, a fireplace, and the biggest chase. We call it our library because iit is filled with books. It’s where our christmas tree resides…it’s where we snuggle in the big chair, it’s where our dog naps (one of two rugs on our hardwood floors). I love that there are lots of photos on the wall and there isn’t a tv. The library is about connecting as a family.

  4. It seems that the hot crowded kitchen is THE family place at our house. The best conversations happen there, all while munching on good food.

  5. My family moved so much that there really isn’t a place like that. I’ve been thinking about downsizing sometime soon but I hate to leave my kids similarly “homeless.”

  6. Visiting during the BlogHeratHome blog hop. Love the wood stove! The home I grew up in was dreary-feeling because we never opened the curtains to let in the sunshine. And it was basically, a box. A square with no charm or character! I hope someday to have an arts-and-crafts bungalow or log cabin home with plenty of both.

  7. Small homes give me the feeling of being at home. We recently moved to a two storey house nearer the centre of London and for me it feels like a castle, the ceilings are really high which isn’t what I’m used to. I’m sure I’ll grow to love it though :)

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