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Last week, I stopped in at Sebastian Joe’s to fetch coffee for Matt and me. My stomach felt a bit unsettled. Because I was about to walk down to Rehkamp Larson’s Linden Hills offices for our first peek at our house plans. Would I like what I saw, and if not, could I hold a poker face?

We’d elected to work with Rehkamp Larson because we like their unpretentious approach to home design. Their homes fit into a neighborhood and don’t overshadow a lot. But could Jean tailor her talent to our taste?

© Rehkamp Larson

Tour this hilltop home Rehkamp Larson designed for one of Matt’s partners. Or this LEED certified home they did for another partner.

Jean set her sketches on the table. To our surprise, she’d designed a Tudor based on the pictures we’d provided her. Only she’d lightened it up with tiered windows because what Matt and I want most are places to sit in the sun. And we both loved it.

Version 1: A Tudor set traditionally on the lot. The garage sits back from the home.

Version 2: A Tudor style home that extends along the north lot line. The garage is to the left and turned.

Tudors were built in the 1500s, during the Tudor Dynasty in England. We’re both drawn to the decorative half-timbering and pitched roofs.

Now we have to choose between the two versions. Which do you think has more curb appeal?

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09. August 2010 by Jennifer Jeanne Patterson
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  1. It’s gonna be your house so you have to pick but I like the first elevation alot better. The second one is nice too but it doesn’t flow together as nicely as the first (in my opinion). Good luck to you! That’s a tough choice.

  2. I agree with Tracy…the first elevation is more appealing. It looks more balanced, and to me more “authentic”. Either way, it’s going to be beautiful and unique! So happy for you and your family!

  3. I like the first one, too, but I love the turned garage in the second one. I LOVE Tudor houses. They invite the imagination to explore the worlds of princesses and knights and authors and poets and secret passages and parlors!

  4. I like the first one more. The second one looks almost exactly like every new house built in our area in the past five years. One “tower house” would be fabulous–living in an entire subdivision full of them has soured me.

  5. I like the second version only because the garage is turned. One builder told me that in ND and MN many of the homes look as if the occupants built a garage and then added a house on behind it. Garage doors remind me of a mouth – either open or closed. I prefer not to see the doors at all.

  6. I much prefer #1. I agree with M. Samuel’s comment about seeing the garage. I don’t like that at all. Who wants to look at a garage door?

    Anyway, #1 is my vote.

  7. wowzers! they are both gorgeous! i think the first one is my vote though~

  8. I love the first one it has such a nice flow to it, but agree with M. about the garages they seem to over power the front. My mom has always had a thing about seeing garage doors so I am partial to hiding the garage appearance.
    The second one is confusing to me I’m not quite sure what the design is supposed to be … farm house, cute cottage or tudor.
    This is so tough I am also waiting for first draft plans … hope I chose the right architect!
    Good Luck!!!!

  9. I am normally a fan of the turned garage but I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the first house.

  10. I love number one. It looks a bit bigger too. I love space.

  11. House #1; my first reaction to house #2 was that it looked a bit disjointed. Can’t wait to see the finished product, although I guess you’re going to have to wait and wait and wait…. :)

  12. I thought that might be where you were coming from that morning! I spent my first year and a half in college in architecture… and I spent a fair share of time checking out what firms Linden Hills had for potential internships. :)

    Just based on the front elevation, I would go with version one. I would love to see a birds eye or axonometric though to see how they have that awesome back yard planned out!

  13. Totally the first one!! The second one looks off balance!! Good luck with your decision!!

  14. Love the first one. Uber jealous of you guys. How cool is this!!! Congrats, and can’t wait to see it all come together :0)

  15. I like the flow of version 1 but I LOVE the “tower” in version 2 – reminds me of a fairytale castle :)

  16. …uhmmmm…before going with a turned garage…keep in mind how much yard you would need to give up allowing you to enter the garage… and back up space when you leave…would you rather see yard or concrete from the road…will you be able view the driveway from the kitchen area?…children spend a lot of time with riding toys in driveways…do your plans include any fencing for child safety…if so, will this fit into the visual of the house plan?…will a two car garage be large enough after having a three car garage…look around the garage…how much do you store now in your garage now other than your cars?…we need to sit down and have a cup of coffee…hugs…ma

  17. You are soooo going to love this. I have a side garage and I do love it that way but….other than that I really like the first one best. Just has more overall appeal to me. Landscaping will make a huge diff too. What fun!

  18. I like the first one. The second one reminds me of an older home that has had multiple renovations and additions over the years. I live in Minnesota and never heard anyone comment on the garage doors before! Can’t wait to see which one you choose.

  19. Oh oh! Version 1!!! Version 1!!! Especially with the garage set back. I think you’ll have instant equity. ;)

  20. Tough choice! I prefer the first choice, but both are lovely.

    You are so lucky to be planning your house, and to be assured that it will have quality workmanship. How exciting!

  21. Thanks for stopping by my little piece of the blogosphere! And congrats on such a beautiful house plan. How exciting!

  22. I found your blog on facebook only to realize that I think our husbands work together! I love the first house, its amazing, right out of a story book.

  23. I vote for the first one! It seems to like a fairytale and has a really nice flow to it. xo

  24. Wow, they are both lovely. I am drawn to the first style more than the second, but obviously, you have to live there, so it really matters most what YOU like. :)

  25. I’m 100% feeling the first one. It has a much more majestic feel. The second one is very different and maybe more of a cretive statement, so I guess it’s what you’re looking for.

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  27. I’ve gotta go with the first one, too. This is going to be a gorgeous home!

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  29. I love that the way the first one looks. You are so lucky to have the potential of either in your future.

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