What are your goals?

On Saturday night, our neighborhood held its annual pig roast. And I felt freer than I had in a long time. Matt was traveling but I had hired a sitter. I’d done what he always says to do: get help. And buy new clothes.

Happiness comes in part from how you’re connected, and sometimes connections are hard to make when your days are spent at home. You lose the feeling that you are part of something.

It’s worth it, of course. But humbling.

Once, when I felt happy at home but lost, my friend Laurie told me, “Find people who add to your ultimate goal of who you want to be.” Make friends who inspire you to be more passionate, to live a better life. Because who you surround yourself with now influences who you become.

Pictured above: The Kitchen Pantry Scientist rocking it. Have you ever seen geek go so glam?

And your time does come again. Now that our daughter is nearing two, I’m ready for a part of myself back.

So last week, I was quiet here but busy elsewhere. I came up with a plan, a schedule. Not for our kids, but for me.

It’s simple, really. I’ve got six weeks to get back into shape. Six weeks to finish my book proposal. Six weeks to find a part of me. Because sometimes just feeling like you’re moving forward, however slowly, is enough.

What are your goals now that your children have started school?

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20. September 2010 by Jennifer Jeanne Patterson
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  1. I have 2.5 hours 4 days a week where 3 of our school age kids are gone and my littlest is napping so my to-do list is vast. I am trying to prioritize, trying not to waste any of the precious free time I have (at home) to get things done. First up is a writing project, then organizing photos and school paperwork and all that jazz someone somewhere says we must keep!

  2. My goal is to finish writing my book, or at least get 25,000 words in a month for the next 3 – 4 months. Before Christmas would be even better.

    I hope everything goes great with finishing the book proposal!

  3. My goals are to get loads of glass made, tagged and delivered to all the seasonal boutiques that I’ve been accepted into. Right in the middle of that I need to find time to run the book fair at my Daughter’s school, my 11th one in 5 years. I also plan on applying to at least one more gallery for their holiday boutique. In January I plan to relax!

  4. My goals are to stick with the “Couch to 5k” program and finish unpacking the few remaining boxes by the 1st of October so that my babies and I can decorate for and enjoy autumn.

  5. my goal is to not commit suicide while i homeschool my kids.. lol
    your kiddos are gorgeous!!

  6. So important to find that piece of yourself! You absolutely have to ask for help…I’ve learned the hard way.
    My goals, I am not sure.
    I need to get my house organized. It frustrates me daily and to that end I am taking a week off in October. I also want to continue to write engaging and interesting posts. I also want to continue to feel fulfilled and “into” my 9-5 job.

  7. This is absolutely the truth! Our daughters are near the same age and I have this feeling, too. The book came at the right time, it’s time to move forward. I think you taking this initiative will also ultimately benefit your children and husband. They will be happy that you are happy and inspired. It’s good for kids to see their parents fulfilled by the act of reaching their own goals. Then they will learn to do so with their lives and we will be there to cheer them on.

  8. Alas, I’m STILL trying to find me! It’s a constant evolution. Good for you for setting some goals, that always feels good. I don’t know if I have set goals, per se, but I do know that I always have to be movin’ and shakin’.

  9. My goal is to get all my ducks in order financially so I can start to be a SAHM! That is my ultimate goal… dream….hope… wish!

  10. My daughter turns 2 tomorrow! :) I loved the part where you mentioned surrounding yourself with people that will help you to live a better life! As a SAHM I am always trying to meet with other ladies that make me feel normal! Following you now!
    The Frugal Free Gal

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  12. Where’s the pic of you and Jilene rocking out? You guys were the life of the party!

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