Which entrance makes you feel welcome?

Yesterday, while Matt worked, I packed our sleepy children into our minivan and drove around photographing Tudors.

Because while I like the sense of permanence, of stability, Tudors emanate, sometimes they feel impenetrable to me.

And I think first impressions count.

A covered entry also creates a welcoming look from the street and shelters visitors arriving at the front door. – Sarah Susanka in More Not So Big Solutions for your Home

While you don’t want your home to define you, you do want it to reflect who you are. What your values are. Because often first impressions shape our expectations.

Which entrance would make you feel most welcome?

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25. October 2010 by Jennifer Jeanne Patterson
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Comments (10)

  1. The first one. The proportions seem the best (not seeing the rest of the house). And the covering is large enough to cover several people if it is raining. Also, I love a front stoop big enough for several planters. Second choice is the last one, still large, nice proportions but without the heavy columns. I also love the doors in both of my choices, the arched doors fit much better in my opinion with the Tudor style.

  2. Gorgeous homes! I’d personally go for the one with the wreath. Apart from the fact that I’m obsessed with wreaths lately, love the orange flowers and the beige brick finishing on the walls. The prettiest of the 4.

  3. The second one, with the wreath. The other doors are so dark, they don’t seem welcoming.

  4. I’m partial to #2.

  5. Wow, they are all so pretty! I think I like the first one best because the door is so cute. Different arch shape and nice overhang. Lovely!

  6. The first door looks imposing, like on a castle and it doesn’t feel very inviting being that it’s really dark. The third door looks too dark as well. I love the second one, with the wreath, the lighter paint and the landscaping that’s decorative. The fourth is also nicer, feels more open and welcoming with the flower pots on the step. Overall, my choice is #2.

  7. I think the first door is my favorite. It’s so warm and classy! xo

  8. My favorite is #2, I think it looks the most cozy & inviting.
    I do love the charm of the stones around Door #1.
    Fun post!

  9. 2nd and 4th. Second is soft and inviting. The 4th is more like the homes in a small town, nothing too fancy. You can’t go wrong with any of them that’s for sure. Have fun!

  10. I like #2, I am partial to the rounded top, it seems brighter and happier then the stern triangles.

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