52 Fights (Penguin)

The Washington Post

Prince’s former studio and residence in Minnesota is now open as a museum,” The Washington Post, December 2016 (Click here for audio version)

We grade-skipped our daughter. Here’s why you should consider doing it, too,” The Washington Post, October 2016

Chugging west on Amtrak, family-style,” The Washington Post, July 2016

I’m on the Ashley Madison Database and It’s Changed What I Share About My Kids,” The Washington Post, August 2015

The Atlantic’s CityLab

How the Chemical-Free Public Pool Came to the U.S.,” The Atlantic’s CityLab, November 2015

The Star Tribune

Runcations combine exertion with exploration,” The Star Tribune, January 2017

Midwest Traveler: The Hauntings of Mantorville,” The Star Tribune, October 2016

Delta Sky Magazine

Checking In (With Millenials),” Delta Sky Magazine, November 2015

Parents Magazine

Entrepreneurial Moms Share: How to Start Your Own Business,” Parents Magazine, June 2015

Tips for Becoming an Entrepreneur,” Parents Magazine, June 2015

More Magazine

Turning your private passion into a career,” MORE Magazine, March 2013

Contributed to MORE.com as an online reporter

Blogging and Digital Outlets

How I Helped My Children Understand And Cope With Death,” Scary Mommy Club Mid, July 2015

Contributed to YourTango as a columnist and Babble‘s food blog.

Television and Videos

Creative consultant on 52 Fights (TV 2006)

Dr. Phil Leisure Time Video

Selected for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter’s Blogger Campaign

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